About Loudspeaker

Empowering fearless storytelling through audio

Loudspeaker is an LGBTQIA-led, non-profit listener-supported public radio service and production studio devoted to amplifying the voices, stories, and artistic expressions of underserved communities.


The Loudspeaker Radio Network features an array of commercial-free streaming music channels curated by a diverse group of people who are committed to exposing the wider world to the best independent music available anywhere.

The music we play, the artists we feature, are done so with intention to lift up the voices of those who don't get mainstream airplay and don't have the influence to be on someone's recommended playlist. Algorithms are no substitute for people.


Loudspeaker Studios produces over 200 hours of original on-demand programming each year designed to entertain, inform, and inspire. We cover a wide range of topics and interests, from self-improvement, parenting, social issues, and feminism, to comedy, local music and original audio drama.

Our podcasts consistently rank in the Top 30 charts for their respective categories, according to Apple Podcasts®.

Listen live and learn more at loudspeaker.org.